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Ribblets punch #902 – (5/8″ ribbon – 1/8″ hole) –  easy to adorn with brads, eyelets or rhinestones!

Tip #1 – Weave two sections of ribbon starting from each edge so you can tie a bow where they meet.

Tip #2 – When using eyelets or brads, it’s easier to add them before the ribbon.  For rhinestones, you’ll want to add them after you’ve woven the ribbon through your project. 

Ribblets punch #903 – (3/8″ ribbon – 1/8″ hole) – quickly adorn gift boxes with a little more than just ribbon!

Ribblets punch #900 – (3/8″ curved slits – 1/8″ hole) – punch at 3/4″ increments and tie ribbons in small knots through the holes rather than adding eyelets or brads.


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Tonic Studios is introducing an innovative new punch line called Ribblets, which allow you to create striking borders incorporating ribbons, eyelets & brads.  4 Ribblet punches are being released at CHA next week.  The design ideas you can come up with using the Ribblets are endless!  The new Tonic release will be expanding on the Border System line as well, introducing 6 more holiday/winter punches.  All the new punches are expected in stores in early September.  At an MSRP of only $7.95 they’ll be an inexpensive addition to your tool collection.

CHA 2009 Release Image

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